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I highly encourage you to visit the full listing of CALI Lessons in the area of Contracts.  You’ll notice this list of lessons is broken down by the topical areas of Contract law.  You can match these lessons to your outline as it develops to test yourself throughout the semester.  If you decide to only take two lessons, I recommend these:

  • [lessonview nid=435]
  • [lessonview nid=815]

As noted in the syllabus, you are REQUIRED to take the two following CALI lessons during the week of March 15.  Unlike the other CALI  lessons you will be taking, I will be able to see your grades and performance on these.  Your score on this lesson will not be part of your final grade; rather, this will give me an opportunity to see your understanding of the material so that I may adapt my mid-semester review accordingly.  Follow the links below or you can find the links to take these lessons on the CALI webpage for this course.

  • [lessonview nid=398 course=2703]
  • [lessonview nid=399 course=2703]